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Workshop „How does the honey gets into the jar?'

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Aadress: Otepää vald, Vana-Otepää küla, Valga County 67418
Kontakt: (+372) 55653379
From 2022 we are the first in Estonia to offer a possibility to take part in workshop „How does the honey gets into the jar?'You can try all the main honey harvest activities- taking the frames from hives, uncapping and extracting honey frames and filling the jars. About 3 kg extracted honey is included for participants, moreover all the skills and good emotions is what you can find here. All the activities are safe and guided by professional beekeeper. It is also suitable for children and families.Want to hear our story and feel the bees close? Visit us, and you get to know it!

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01.06-01.09Avatud advance bookings only
Group price : 40 €